F A Q s

Ahlan – What is in it for me?

Ahlan members can shop across all the Danube Home stores and earn Ahlan points on their each purchase, even during Sale and other promotions. Members can also earn points when they do online transactions and buy digitally using DanubeHome mobile app.

How can I become a member of Ahlan?

Any person has attained the age of 18 years, is entitled for the membership of ‘Ahlan’. No entry fee required to join ‘‘Ahlan’’ Rewards Program. Customers willing to become members of the program can walk into any of the Danube Home stores across UAE and enroll. They can also become members through the Danube Home Website or Danube Home Mobile App. No transaction or minimum spend is required to become a member of ‘Ahlan’ programme Participation into the programme is available only for the resident of UAE. Membership is free and is for life i.e. membership to the program has no expiry date. There are 3 enrolment channels for a person to become a member (1) Store (2) Online & (3) Mobile App

I have changed my contact details, how can I update them with Ahlan?

Either you can do it by yourself by logging into www.danubehome.com website or can contact Ahlan toll free number 800-3131 or can contact the Ahlan team by sending an email to ahlan.care@danubehome.com.

What about the privacy of my personal details?

Your personal details will only be used to contact you during our sale or promotions or will be used for our internal marketing and survey purposes. We guarantee that we don’t disclose your personal details to any other external parties without your consent.

Can I earn Ahlan points while shopping online?

Yes, you can earn points for all your online shopping at www.danubehome.com and redeem your available points for your online shopping purposes.

Can I earn Ahlan points on my mobile app shopping?

Yes, you can earn points for all your digital shopping via mobile app and redeem your available points on your digital purchases using DanubeHome mobile app.

What is the validity of Ahlan points earned by me?

Each points earned by the members will valid for 2 years from the date it was credited into the account. Points will be expired automatically by the system at a specified time each month. All points to be expired in a particular month will expire at the end of the month.

How can I redeem my Ahlan points?

Only members with complete profile in our system and having greater or equal to 5000 points (AED 50) would be able to redeem points. The above is applicable on your physical, online & mobile app shopping.

Can I do a retrospective claim?

Unfortunately NO, members would have to carry their physical card or mobile app digital card to earn points at the time of their transaction with Danube Home stores.

Can I retain the points earned by me when I return a product for credit note or cash refund?

Points earned by you for the value of items that you return will be deducted from the account. In case of insufficient points, value of the same will be deducted from your settlement.

What should I do if lose my Ahlan card?

Member should immediately report the incident. Ahlan card is just like your credit card. You should immediately contact Ahlan customer care by calling 800-3131 or via email at ahlan.care@danubehome.com

What if I have multiple Ahlan cards and want to merge the cards into one?

It is possible, you would need to contact us by calling 800-3131 or via email at Ahlan.care@danubehome.com

What if I forgot to carry my Ahlan card at the time of shopping at Danube Home?

You can still collect points. You would only need to present your registered mobile numbers to the cashier at the store. The feature is available only for point collection and for redemption you would need to carry the card.

What if I am leaving the country forever and I have Ahlan points in my account?

If you have more than 5000 points, you can redeem them at any of the Danube Home stores. If you have less than 5000 points, you would need to contact Ahlan customer care centre by calling 800-3131. We will enable point redemption for you from the back-end and close your Ahlan account within next 1 week time.